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Wildlife Rescue Centre?

What about checking online, for other such small rescue centres and contacting them for advice - they will have already been through all the necessary formalites. Perhaps you could visit other centres as well to help you build up a network of like-minded people. My experience of the RSPCA is not good - any time I have had cause to contact them, I

Rescued birds wildlife centres (Leeds area) - Any numbers or email addresses please!!!?

WILDLIFE RESCUE - LEEDS John Abbott, 62 King Edward Avenue , Horsforth , LEEDS , West Yorkshire , LS18 4BG Ph: 01532 587780 . Birds and small mammals I found this at also: Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital (don't know if it's nearby) ALL SICK OR INJURED

What major should i choose if I want to own a wildlife rescue center?

If you want to own a wildlife rescue center, then your major should be business administration. If you want to run such a center, or work in such a center, then real life experience in working in such an environment probably would trump academic degrees. Your major, in that case, could be field biology, ecology, conservation, geography, psychology,

where is a local wildlife rescue organization in Phoenix,Arizona?

pull up below link to find exactly what you want. Rehabilitator Area Served Phone Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Tucson (520) 883-1380 East Valley Wildlife Phoenix (480) 899-1513 x x Forever Wild Rehabilitation Center Tucson (520) 574-3579 Kathie Schroeder Catalina (520) 825-1076 Ken and Sue Simpson Green Valley (520) 625-5368 Liberty

is it hard to get a job at a wildlife rescue centre in south africa?

Hey, it can be hard if you don't have the right training. You need to gain the FGASA level one field guide qualification which cover's: Mammal Introduction and Herbivore Identification Field Guide’s Reptile Course Spotlighting; basic 4X4 driving; planning of game drives and walks Survey Skills: Radio Telemetry; GPS use First Aid & CPR training (certification

Where is a local bird rescue center?

Contact Wildlife Care Association, here.

What Makes A Good Wildlife Habilitation Centre?

This is an excellent question. I have been volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation centre for some time now, so I feel I can give you a good answer. The short answer is that the centre should have the rehabilitation of wildlife as its ultimate goal, though often this is part of a larger species/habitat conservation mission. The statement above may

are there any bird rescue centers on long island?

yes for wildlife key this site in has numbers to ring for wildlife rescue and a website for volunteers key in web search bird rescue long island ..and take it from there hope it turns out ok. first one on the list of site shown is the one for you

Im thinking of starting a rescue centre !?

You should start by volunteering with an existing organization. You'll find out the work involved and can ask questions. Running a rescue is hard. You'll need to raise money through fundraising and find volunteers (people willing to do dirty, tough work in any weather condition for no pay). A lot of land is required for horses and a wildlife center

Animal rescue centers? Please hurry!?

here's a place: - PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE the other answer looked good though too... i raised an orphan squirrel before so here's some things you can do in the meantime: -locate a small box (shoeboxes are good) that you can fill with rabbit or